Man buys abandoned storage unit for £325 and is shocked by treasure he finds inside

Tuesday, May 14, 2024 - A man bought an abandoned storage locker for £325 and was shocked by what he found inside.

Wade Venture, 37, bought the storage unit at an auction, clueless about the treasures inside.

When he finally opened it, he discovered it was crammed with £56,000 worth of trendy designer gear.

There was 400 pairs of high-end shoes from luxe labels like Gucci and Coach as well as £6,380 worth of posh fur coats and other brand-spanking-new items, still sporting their price tags.

Wade, who flaunts his discoveries on social media under @wadesventures, estimated the stash was worth a whopping £56k in total.

He remarked: "It's rare to find a unit like that in particular, often you find household stuff or trash. It's more than likely she had a shopping problem -people speculated maybe she was keeping it from her husband!"

Wade snagged the unit on March 27 for a mere £325 even though he had no clue what was in store.

Having snapped up 400-500 units before, with much of his findings going to charity, he's not easily shocked. Yet, even with his seasoned eye, this haul caught him off guard.

He added: "People think I've been doing this so long I've seen everything, but I've never found a unit like this before.

"Normally I find things 30% new and 70% used but this was all brand new. It was such an awesome experience, I was so shocked. Units like this are really rare and special.”

Wade added: “There were expensive Gucci shoes and purchases - it could be she didn't have the money. Or she could have passed away.”

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