KDF Rangers decimate six AL SHABAAB terrorists in a targeted operation near Boni Forest

Thursday, May 2, 2024 - The Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) specialised unit commonly known as the Rangers has killed six Al Shabaab terrorists in Lamu County.

The six were killed in an operation executed by the KDF brigade in Lamu County and among the six was one foreign fighter.

KDF in a statement on Monday said it launched a targeted operation at 1:00 pm local time (1000 GMT) against an active Al Shabaab camp in Kumba, about 10 kilometers west of Pandanguo, near the vast Boni forest where the insurgents hide.

"The operation successfully neutralized six members of Al Shabaab, including a foreign national, and resulted in the confiscation of significant logistical supplies," KDF stated.

According to the statement, the raid was staged following intelligence reports that the group was planning an attack in the area.

The KDF said some of the terrorists managed to escape and advised the public to remain vigilant as the operation may lead to increased activities by the group, especially as the number of injured terrorists is reportedly high.

This is good news for the country since Al Shabaab attacks have increased in the last six months and several Kenyans have paid the ultimate price.


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