Karma? Dad to disgraced Former Citizen TV host, KIMANI MBUGUA, reportedly ran away with funds for Maragua SDA Primary where he was a headteacher and didn’t pay teachers for 6 months - Details emerge.


Wednesday, May 15, 2024 - Former journalist Kimani Mbugua’s father has been accused of embezzling funds at Maragua SDA Primary, where he was a headteacher.

According to a former student at the school, Mbugua’s father was also fond of mistreating teachers.

There was a time when he didn’t pay teachers for six months, leaving some of them depressed.

His former employer’s school collapsed after he ran away with money and opened his own school.

Mbugua’s father is currently going through a hard time after his son’s mental health deteriorated.

The disgraced journalist, once one of the most sought-after TV journalists in the country, has been exhibiting weird behaviours on social media.

See a post from a former student exposing how Mr. Mbugua ran away with funds at Maragua SDA Primary.


The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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