KALENJIN MPs blast GACHAGUA even after SUDI attacked him – The Mt Kenya kingpin is surrounded!

Monday, May 27, 2024 - A section of Kalenjin community Members of Parliament has blasted Deputy President Rigathi Gacghagua for telling Rift Valley leaders not to interfere with Mt Kenya region politics.

On Friday, Gachagua, who spoke at a function in Kesses constituency, warned Rift Valley politicians against interfering with the political affairs of the Mt. Kenya region, claiming they were scheming for his downfall.

In a quick rejoinder, Kalenjin MPs dismissed the deputy president's threats, insisting they would not be barred from visiting any part of the country.

Led by Bomet Senator Hilary Sigei, Mogotio MP Reuben Kiborek, Sotik MP Francis Sigei, and Keiyo South MP Gideon Kimaiyo, the leaders vowed to continue holding events in Gachagua's backyard.

Sigei argued that all elected leaders should be free to tour other regions and participate in socio-economic and political development.

 "Leaders from across the country should work together, unite the people, and support President Ruto in delivering on his development agenda. 

"The people expect us to act as their elected representatives, and we should not engage in petty squabbles," Sigei said.

On his part, Kiborek accused Gachagua of attempting to intimidate youthful leaders, adding that such plans would not succeed.

 "As young leaders, we have a close-knit relationship and cooperation that has seen us develop our region. Whoever sees young leaders as foolish is setting himself up for attack and a fall. 

"Politics of dividing the people, gagging their leaders, and confining them to their zone is archaic," said Kiborek.

Sotik MP castigated the deputy president for allegedly attempting to re-introduce the politics of deceit and nepotism.

 "The politics of deceit, tribalism, nepotism, and division should not arise in this era; we should seek to unite the people and not balkanize them," Sotik MP said.


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