JENNIFER LOPEZ likes post about unhealthy relationships amid rumour BEN AFFLECK has moved out of their home and their marriage is headed for divorce

Saturday, May 17, 2024 - Jennifer Lopez has liked a post about unhealthy relationships, further fueling rumors that there might be trouble in her marriage to Ben Affleck.

On Thursday, May 16, the singer, 54, “liked” an Instagram post detailing the qualities of a partner that could lead to an unhealthy relationship.

The post explained that “you cannot build a healthy relationship with somebody” who “lacks integrity and emotional safety,” “doesn’t respect your time,” lacks “communication skills” and doesn’t have a strong sense of self.

While it’s unclear exactly which slide resonated with Lopez the most, the creator, @yourcourageouscomeback, went in depth about each red flag in the Instagram slides.

She explained that lacking integrity causes “trust” issues and can lead to an “environment of fear, anxiety, and emotional instability.” Meanwhile, without proper communication skills, relationships lack “empathy and connection.”

Finally, the creator explained that if a partner “doesn’t know who they are or what they want,” there is no “stability or foundation for growth” in the romance.

Although the original post was shared in March, the relationship coach confirmed that Lopez didn’t engage with it until this week.

“Just logged on to IG and noticed @Jlo liked my post,” the creator of the post wrote alongside a screenshot of her notifications showing the old post J.Lo liked.

Jennifer Lopez's action comes just hours after TMZ reported that she and Affleck, 51, are living separately.

Affleck has allegedly been staying at a house in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles despite owning a $60 million mansion with Lopez in Beverly Hills about 30 minutes away.

Lopez was also spotted touring homes in Los Angeles without her husband earlier this month.

The pair have not been photographed together since March. However, they are both still wearing their wedding rings.

Split speculation started to spread last week after Lopez attended the 2024 Met Gala alone even though she was a co-chair of the event.

Soon after, a source told InTouch that Affleck and Lopez recently started going to couples therapy — despite the Oscar winner finding it to be a “humiliating process.”

The insider, who claimed to have known Affleck for over a decade, said “everything is a fight” between the couple, who got married in July 2022. 

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