If he is not giving you financial value, leave him and find another person - LADY questions other LADIES who date broke married men

Saturday, May 17, 2024 – A lady called Mmesoma has questioned women who date broke married men.

“I will never understand why any woman will choose to date a broke married man? What do you stand to gain in that relationship?” she wrote in a post on Friday.

And some of you go as far as falling in love with these men? You think he will leave his wife for you?

Any day you choose to date a married man, please let it be for the purpose of what you stand to gain.

If he is not giving you any value, Financial value at most, nne biko leave him and find another person.

We are not talking of value now, if na value we dey talk of, you won’t be with a married man in the first place. So if you decide to date a married man, then it should be a rich married man who is at least taking very Good care of you.

You can’t be broke when you have a sugar daddy, that one is now a bitter daddy please.

Stop falling inlove with these men, carry your emotions and keep one side, na person husband oo, he won’t marry you.

Collect as much money as you can while the relationship lasts.

If na business contract, Nne collect it. Secure that bag, that man is not yours, he will leave one day. 

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