I will still marry a man if his parents don't like me - LADY says

Sunday, May 5, 2024 - A lady called Itee Akrasi has said that if she finds a good man she will marry him even if his parents don't like her.

My sisters please don't advice me, If I manage find man wey good well well and your mama and papa nor like me, I will still marry him and nobody can do shii," she wrote in a Facebook post on Sunday after a Lagos family rejected their son's marriage to actress and comedian, Wofai Ewa.

Don't worry about me please. It's better to marry a man that loves and defends me than marry into a family that loves me but the didn't even bother to train their son well to be marriageable, of what use would their love be to me then?

I don't like half of my own family people, what is husband's family that cannot be added to the dislike list???

You don't like me? I don't like you too! But I would marry your son and your BP go rise

You do anyhow inside my house, Nga straight!

But most importantly, I go marry your pikin.

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