Hospital knife rampage leaves more than ten people dead or wounded in China (PHOTOs)

Tuesday, May 7, 2024 - More than 10 people have been killed or wounded following an attack at a hospital in southwest China.

The attack took place at Zhenxiong County People's Hospital in the southwestern Yunnan province and authorities are investigating, local media said.

“The incident occurred at a local hospital and as of 1:20 pm (0520 GMT)... more than 10 people have been wounded or killed,” state news agency Xinhua said.

An online post from Guizhou province television citing unnamed authorities said that two people had died and 23 people were injured.

A suspect has been arrested, the Guizhou TV post said.

Images published by the state-run news site The Paper appeared to show a man pointing a knife at another man who had armed himself with a stick in a hospital lobby, as well as police officers arriving at the scene.

“It happened around 11 in the morning... it's still a bit chaotic, they're still determining the numbers,” a local resident told The Paper.

A witness told Red Star News, an online outlet, that he narrowly escaped the attack and that a doctor or doctors were among the injured.

Video from the witness showed people who were bleeding and had fallen to the ground, and one older person trying to help another, according to Red Star.

Mass violent crime is rare in China, which strictly prohibits citizens from owning firearms, but there has been a spate of stabbings in recent years.

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