Good news to Kenyans as KINDIKI says the government can now print 14000 passports a day – This man is overworking

Monday, May 6, 2024 - Interior Cabinet Secretary Prof. Kithure Kindiki has shared good news with Kenyans, stating that the Kenya Kwanza Alliance administration has successfully addressed passport delays at the Immigration Department, revealing that the printer can now process 14,000 passports daily.

This has been facilitated by the acquisition of two new printers, which can produce 300 passports an hour, each.

This means that with both printers in use, the Immigration Department will be able to produce 600 passports an hour, which translates to 4,800 passports if the printers work for eight hours a day.

The output could be higher if the printers are put to work for more hours where an estimated 14,000 passports can be produced if the machines work for 24 hours.

This will be a relief to the thousands of Kenyans who apply for passports daily.

The old printer could only print 1,000 passports in eight hours.

The government has been working to ensure the passport backlog issues that Kenyans have experienced over the past few years are sorted.

CS Kindiki has been leading key reforms in the Immigration and Citizen Services department where, he, among others plans to reduce the time it takes for one to acquire a passport.


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