Friends of JACK BAMBOO planning to sell his JB Liquor Store as detectives hunt him down for killing his wife SHEILA - Leaked phone conversation exposes them badly.

Thursday, May 16, 2024 - A phone call record of Jack Bamboo’s friends badmouthing him and planning to sell his JB Liquor store has emerged, even as detectives continue to hunt him down for killing his wife Sheila Wagesha at their Athi River home.

On a phone call record that has gone viral, some unidentified person who seems to be a friend of Jack Bamboo is heard saying that they are planning to sell the JB Liquor Store.

The person says to the other caller that in case he hears anyone willing to buy the store, they should be informed.

This is happening even as Jack Bamboo is still at large and is wanted by police for killing his wife in cold blood.

 Although there is no clear information on what led to the murder, there are speculations that Jack murdered his wife over infidelity claims.

The caller is heard saying that the two used to fight at their liquor store in late hours despite posting happy videos and photos on social media.

The person on the phone says Jack was suspecting Sheila of infidelity.

Listen to the leaked phone audio for those who understand the Luo language.


The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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