Fresh twist as a police officer claims SHEILA WEGESHA was his wife for 17 years - Reveals what they were planning behind JACK BAMBOO’s back! Fear women.

Friday, May 24, 2024 - A police officer has claimed he is the real husband to Sheila Akeyo Odoyo alias Wegesha, whose mutilated body was discovered in a house in Athi River, Machakos County.

Sergeant Samwel Odoyo revealed he secretly planned to reunite with Sheila, whom he recognizes as his first wife.

Sheila reportedly died just two days after talking to Odoyo on the phone.

Their conversation centred on how they would meet and reunite after staying away from each other for close to seven years.

“We had a conversation in which we discussed how we would meet. 

"I wanted to go and meet her in Nairobi but she requested I let her travel to Kisumu where I work,” Odoyo recounted.

The conversation ended well with Odoyo looking forward to meeting his estranged wife after she allegedly intimated that she had set plans to walk away from Jackson.

“She had hinted to me that she was already looking for a house to terminate her relationship with that man to reunite with me. Her proposal left me in high hopes that our marriage was going to restart,” said Odoyo.

However, he learned about Sheila’s death two days later.

It was shocking news because Sheila was coming to meet me in Kisumu to plan how to rejoin my family. 

"I expected to meet her alive but let us leave the matter to God because he has a reason for everything,” he said.

Odoyo and Sheila had lived together for 13 years before she walked out in 2017.

They were in constant communication even after partying ways and would share ideas on how to raise their three children.

The policeman says he is entitled to bury Sheila in line with the Luo culture because he had paid dowry.

“My in-laws are very cooperative in this matter because they recognise me as their son-in-law. 

"I am the one who paid dowry, which is a sign of formalising a marriage,” he said.

Sheila will be buried at Odoyo’s homestead on May 29th.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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  1. Sheila did not deserve to die but she was damaged goods