Fresh twist as it emerges that the driver of the ill-fated Subaru that rolled into a homestead at Red Hill road is a son to a powerful Kenya Kwanza politician- He was drunk.

Thursday, May 30, 2024 - On Sunday, May 26, a horrific accident occurred at Red Hill Link Road in Nairobi.

Initial reports indicated that a speeding Subaru lost control, hit a guardrail, and rolled into a compound.

The driver was said to have died on the spot while another occupant was hospitalized with serious injuries.

 But according to new information from a distressed source, there's much more to this story than initially reported.

 Early reports by mainstream media suggested that the car was being driven at high speed before it flew off the road, broke a protective guardrail, and ended up in someone’s compound.

Witnesses claimed the car had three occupants who appeared to be drunk and returning from a party.

 Local news outlets reported that the driver died instantly while two others were taken to the hospital.

One witness was quoted saying that the car broke the protective guardrail and hit the staircases before rolling into the compound. “I know them, they were drunk.”

This narrative painted a picture of reckless driving and implied the driver was at fault. But a source has come forward to reveal new details that change the entire context of the accident.

The actual driver of the Subaru is apparently the son of a popular Machakos politician who is also a prominent businessman and currently a powerful appointed official serving in the Kenya Kwanza government.

 It appears that contrary to initial reports the car had three occupants. The victim who died on the spot was not the driver but was seated in the back seat without a safety belt.

The driver and another person who is now in ICU were reportedly in the front seats. The family of the deceased is now calling for the truth to be made public.

“Good evening Nyakundi. Please hide my identity. I have something very serious I want to share. It is painful when you lose someone, but what is more painful than getting to hear lies about the death of someone who cannot come back to explain the truth.

On Sunday morning the terrible accident at Red Hill Link Road as reported by the media and bloggers is not true. It is reported that the driver of the car died on the spot while another person was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. The truth is, the car had 3 occupants.

The driver of the ill-fated car is the son of a high-ranking politician from Machakos County. He has caused an accident previously but was never dragged into the issue in July last year. The person who died on the spot is our family member. He was seated in the back seat without a safety belt while the two in front were the driver (son of the politician) and the other guy who's now in ICU.

Details about the son haven't been mentioned to anyone in the public. I wonder why the investigating agencies could craft such a lie. While there is nothing we can do to bring our kin back to life, we request that you help us get this truth out there so that our kin will rest in dignity and peace, even in his death. Thank you.”

Via Cyprian Nyakundi.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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