Forget the Sh200 million nonsense, I only used less than Sh10 million to hire the luxurious private jet to the U.S. – RUTO sets the record straight

Thursday, May 30, 2024 - President William Ruto has moved to set the record straight regarding his alleged expensive trip to the US.

This is after Kenyans raised concerns over the cost of the trip which was alleged to have cost the taxpayers a whopping Sh200 million just to hire a luxurious private jet that he used.

While speaking during the National Prayer Breakfast in Nairobi, Ruto revealed that the private plane cost Kenyan taxpayers less than Ksh10 million.

"I am a responsible steward, there is no way I can spend Ksh200 million, in fact, let me disclose here that it cost the Republic of Kenya less than Ksh10 million," he stated.

The Head of State revealed that when he was informed that the cheapest plane was Ksh70 million, he asked his team to book with the national carrier Kenya Airways.

However, he noted that when some of his friends heard about his travel plans, they offered him a cheaper plane.

"My friends asked me how much are you willing to pay. I told them I was not ready to pay more than Ksh20 million. They told me to bring Ksh10 million and we will give you the plane," he revealed.

He emphasised that he was at the forefront of ensuring the austerity measures were being implemented. 

Ruto reiterated that he would lead the country in the right direction by adhering to the austerity measures and cutting down on his expenditure.

"As I tell others to tighten their belts, mine must be where to begin," he added.

The Head of State urged Kenyans to focus on what Kenya gained from the trip instead of dwelling on the exaggerated cost of te trip.


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