Father and son that are Hamas terrorists describe how they went house to house assaulting and murdering Israeli civilians (VIDEO)

Thursday, May 23, 2024 - A man and his son have revealed to Israeli investigators how they killed innocent civilians after taking part in the Hamas invasion.

Jamal Hussein Ahmad Radi, 47, and his son Abdallah, 18, were captured by IDF forces in Gaza and questioned about the atrocities they committed in a kibbutz close to the border in October last year

In video footage of their confession, the men chillingly describe murdering innocent civilians in their homes, kidnapping others and brutally raping women they found and shooting them once they had finished their evil acts.

Details of the horrific crimes carried out emerged in the weeks after the Hamas attacks which left more than 1,200 people dead and has sparked a fierce retaliation by Israeli forces in Gaza.

In the footage, the men dressed in grey tracksuits and with handcuffs - are seen sitting in front of an Israeli flag as they are questioned by an Arabic speaking member of the Shin Bet security service at a secret location.

Without any visible sign of remorse he said: 'In each house where we found someone, we either killed them or kidnapped them.'

Pressed further he added: 'In the first house I found a woman and her husband, and we hit them with fire and killed them…they were in their late 40s.'

He then went on to confess how he had r@p£d one woman and said: 'She was screaming, she was crying, I did what I did, I r@p£d her.

'I threatened her with my gun to take her clothes off, I remember she was wearing jean shorts, that's about it.'

'I don't know what happened to her, I was there for fifteen minutes and then I left.'

But according to his son Abdallah, his father killed the woman, as he told investigators: 'My father r@p£d her, then I did and then my cousin did and then we left but my father killed the woman after we finished raping her.

'Before this woman, we had r@p£d another girl as well, I killed two people, I r@p£d two people, and I broke into five houses.'

The video confessions come after horrifying footage of five terrified women captured by Hamas fanatics being threatened at gunpoint, was released on Wednesday.

Commenting on the confessions video an IDF spokesperson told MailOnline:

'Over the past months, we've seen countless evidence of the brutal violence used by Hamas on October 7th, including harrowing acts of gender-based and sexual violence.

'These confessions further prove that any attempt to deny the horrors of October 7th, and discredit the testimonies of witnesses, survivors and freed hostages, is part of a campaign to de-legitimize Israel, and to promote the justification of terrorism.'

The spokesperson added that both father and son were in custody awaiting trial.

Watch the video below

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