DRAKE's security takes down third alleged trespasser at Toronto home

Monday, May 13, 2024 - Canadian rapper, Drake's security now have a lot on their plate as they've taken down another trespasser at his Toronto home.

New video and photos obtained by TMZ showed one of Drake's security guards holding down the newest alleged trespasser outside Drake's Toronto mansion, the third in the last seven days.

An eyewitness told the publication that he was riding by Drake's pad on his bike when he saw two of Drake's security guards tackle a guy to the ground, placing a knee on his back to prevent him from getting up.

One of the security members hopped on the radio while the other helped take the guy down.

It has been reported earlier that two trespassers were taken into custody by police this week, and a drive-by shooting left one of Drake's security hospitalized.

Drake and Kendrick Lamar have been embroiled in a rap beef in recent days, though, cops said earlier this week they were aware of the beef but didn't say if they thought these incidents were related.

Here's a video from the scene

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