You now need permission from Kenya Power to cut down or trim your own trees – This as ‘ridiculous’ as it sounds

Friday, April 26, 2024 – You now risk being arrested if found cutting your own trees or even trimming them.

This is after the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) advised Kenyans to seek Kenya Power's permission before cutting down trees near power lines.

In an advisory to Kenyans, the authority explained that cutting down trees or trimming tree branches without assistance can cause damage to the power lines.

As a result, vast estates may suffer blackouts as a result of the action.

"We advise against trimming or cutting trees near power lines as it can damage electrical equipment and cause potential outages to customers," EPRA urged.

"You should seek assistance from the nearest Kenya Power office to safely remove trees or branches. Accidental contact with electricity can lead to severe burns, shocks, or even death."

Earlier, Kenya Power Chief Executive Officer Joseph Siror had explained that trees growing too close to power lines contributed to outages by creating short circuits whenever it rained.

He further added that heavy downpours highly likely caused a disturbance on the power distribution lines, leading to short circuits.

"When it rains heavily, it can cause trees to fall on the line, and it causes a short circuit, thereby causing a disturbance on the network," Siror explained.

"Sometimes rains are accompanied by strong winds which have an effect on the conductors and cause a disturbance."

"Rain does a number of things. There is the aspect of lightning which is part of the factors but in certain installations like the poles and pylons and we have a situation where during heavy rains, some of them are washed away," he added.


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