Was General OGOLLA assassinated? See the hard questions BABU OWINO is asking and putting KDF to shame

Friday, April 19, 2024 - Embakasi East Member Babu Owino has asked questions regarding the untimely death of Chief of Defence Forces General Francis Omondi Ogolla.

The four-star General died after the chopper he was travelling in crashed in Elgeyo Marakwet County on Thursday afternoon.

Nine other senior Kenya Defence Forces officers also passed on with the General.

Through his X account, Babu Owino pointed out discrepancies in the General’s demise and sought clarification and accountability regarding the incident.

"If all these questions can be answered, then our hearts may stop bleeding. Otherwise, mambo ni tatu," Babu Owino declared.

Firstly, he questioned the whereabouts of key military figures such as the West Command commander, the Defense Forces Sergeant Major, and the Army commander during the operation.

He highlighted the absence of a 50ACB helicopter escort for the CDF during the operation.

Additionally, Babu questioned why General Ogolla was accompanied solely by junior officers and not by higher-ranking officials during the operation.

He also questioned the rank required to pilot a helicopter used by the CDF and the protocol for parading the CDF before troop inspections.

Furthermore, the MP asked about the standard number of helicopters a CDF should utilize during visits to operational areas and why General Ogolla chose to inspect a school alone instead of delegating the task.

Lastly, he raised concerns about the succession plan for the next CDF, as outlined by the Tonje Rules, and the timing of General Ogolla's death following recent changes within the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF).


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