WAIGURU tells striking doctors to return to work or be fired!! - We cannot pay an intern Sh 206,000!!

Tuesday April 23, 2024 - Council of Governors chairperson, Anne Waiguru, has urged the striking doctors to resume work or face dire consequences.

Speaking on Tuesday, Waiguru who is also the Kirinyaga County Governor said if doctors fail to resume work, they will leave some Counties with no option but to take necessary action against them.

Waiguru said issues that had been raised by the doctors had since been agreed upon, hence no need for the strike to go on.

This, she said, was after a series of meetings that have been taking place between the Government and the union.

"We have been sitting here long days and in various other forums and we have gone the whole mile. On the counties' side, we have given into everything and still, we are at this place for no good reason," Waiguru said.

"For that, every county will take the necessary action as they deem fit and it will not be specific to a county but I am sure you will be seeing the necessary action as we go forward," she added.

Waiguru said each county has an HR policy and is independent, adding that they had agreed unanimously to take whatever necessary action is required to stop the suffering of Kenyans.

The CoG chair further noted that the counties are ready to receive the medical interns who are willing to report and begin their training.

Elaborating on the matter of stipends, Waiguru said this was a new contract and the new rates will not affect those who were earning more than that.

She said the new terms of payment have been stipulated by the current economic times.

"This is a new term of contracts, we need to communicate clearly that there is no intern who is in place who was earning 200,000 and then it was reduced," Waiguru said.

"The counties on our side we are ready to receive the interns who are willing to come and complete their training so that they can be certified," she noted.


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  1. Imbeciles!

    Can the useless salary and remuneration body be abolished for good or they start chopping of salary of the president, deputy president, senators, speakers, governors, CS, PS, CEO. Mpigs, women-reps, MCA, first - ladies whores by 60%. After all they chose to represent the voters and the citizens of the republic of Kenya and they should be earning high salaries for nothing and voting with their pusies and assholes for every abyss bills they come up with.

    The highest paid should be according to the education level one has attained as is the case abroads.
    A professor should be the highest paid (and not those promoted on tribal basis as is the case at all our universities and the worst case as those universities in western region - promotion as done according to their tribes and not by merits). The lowest should be a manual labourer.

    We have imbecile earning to high for nothing as the president and all the politicians baboons. Cut their salaries by 60% and that will be the best justice Kenyans deserve.

    These whole should pay our doctors according to the CBA and just shut up and go for a fuck - there she may get an improved on her IQ - which may make her sight the light.