Video captures an armed gang attacking innocent Kenyans and robbing them in broad daylight in Mombasa - There is no country here (WATCH).

Thursday, April 25, 2024 - An armed criminal gang has been unleashing terror on innocent Kenyans in Mombasa County in broad daylight.

The ruthless gang walks in groups while armed with crude weapons.

They mostly camp at Quickmart Bandari where they accost passersby and attack them, before robbing them of their items.

A few days ago, the gang, which consists of young men in their early 20s,  was caught on CCTV attacking a middle-aged man and robbing him as members of the public watched helplessly.

In the footage, the victim is seen walking along a busy road, not knowing that the gang is trailing him.

He tries to run for his dear life upon sighting the gang but the gang members run after him and overpower him.

One of the gang members is seen whipping the victim mercilessly as his colleagues ransack his pockets looking for valuables.

The gang flees after robbing the man of his personal items.

All this happened in broad daylight along a busy road.

Watch the video.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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