U.S federal lawmaker MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE blames earthquakes and eclipses on God, says they strong signs for people to repent

Sunday, April 7, 2024
 – Marjorie Taylor Greene, a lawmaker representing Georgia in the U.S. House of Congress has said that every natural phenomenon is linked to the heavens.

In a tweet warning fellow Americans after an earthquake rocked the Northeast, specifically New Jersey and New York, Greene stated that God is sending signs for people to repent.

She finishes by saying she hopes Americans will take these signs seriously instead of brushing them aside as normal occurrences.

Her tweet eventually got community notes on it, pointing out statistics on earthquakes and showing eclipses occur at pretty regular intervals.

This isn't the first time Greene's claims have drawn some ire from the public. She had described Democrats as paedophiles during a "60 Minutes" interview last year, and she likened criminal charges against former President Trump to Jesus' crucifixion.

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