This is what RUTO has said after IRAN attacked ISRAEL on Sunday morning

Monday, April 15, 2024 - President William Ruto has reacted after Iran, through the Islamic Revolutionary Guards (IRG) attacked Israel on Sunday morning.

Iran attacked Israel using over 300 kamikaze drones, cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles.

However, according to Israel Defence Forces (IDF), 99 percent of the missiles and drones were intercepted and only 6 missiles landed at Nevatim Airforce Base in Negev desert, slightly damaging the base.

In a statement on Sunday, Ruto said Kenya is deeply concerned by the attack, saying it disturbs the already delicate situation in the Middle East.

Ruto also mentioned that the Iranian attack is a serious threat to international peace and security, and is a clear violation of the United Nations Charter.

“Kenya is deeply concerned by Iran’s attack on the State of Israel. This disturbing development only serves to aggravate an already delicate situation in the Middle East.

“The attack represents a real and present threat to international peace and security, contravenes the Charter of the United Nations, and should be condemned by all peace-loving countries,” said Ruto.

The Head of State urged Israel to exercise extreme caution in responding to the act of aggression in order to avoid escalating the worrying situation.

“In responding to this act of aggression, Kenya urges Israel to show utmost restraint taking into account the urgent need for all parties to walk away from the brink beyond which recovery will be enormously difficult,” Ruto added.


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