This is the reason why General FRANCIS OGOLLA requested to be buried in a sheet and not a coffin despite not being a Muslim


Sunday, April 21, 2024 – The late Chief of Defence Forces General Francis Ogolla was a simple and down-to-earth man.

This is evident in the manner in which his funeral is being conducted.

According to his family, General Ogolla requested to be buried wrapped in sheets and not in a coffin.

According to his brother, Hezekiah Oduor, the CDF requested to have his wish fulfilled to ensure that there were no additional costs on the family during his burial.

His brother added that Ogolla wanted his burial to be simple and not attract any additional cost to the family.

Oduor also revealed that his graveyard would be as simple as their kin had requested.

“It is going to be very simple, it will just be digging the grave and putting his body inside," he stated.

On the other hand, Ogolla's sister, Peres noted that the General had prepared them for his death. She indicated that the CDF even picked the place where he needed to be buried.

"He even pointed to me where he wanted to be buried. The General even told me that army personnel can die at any time, therefore, he prepared what his burial will be like," she stated.


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