Things get ugly as BISHOP THEURI’s girlfriend SABINA MUTHEU reports his wife Reverend RUTH WAMUYU to the police for threatening her

Tuesday, April 30, 2024 - The drama between Bishop Theuri’s girlfriend Sabina Mutheu, and his wife Reverend Ruth Wamuyu has escalated after she reported to the police that Wamuyu was threatening her.

According to sources, Sabina visited Ruth Wamuyu’s church located in downtown Nairobi near Kampala Business Centre about a week ago to try and iron out their differences but she chased her away.

Wamuyu warned Sabina that she should never be seen within the church’s vicinity and denounced being her spiritual mother.

Wamuyu went on to threaten her husband’s girlfriend, prompting her to report the matter to the police.

There are whispers that Sabina has gotten rid of Theuri’s pregnancy after he failed to protect her against his wife’s constant verbal attacks and threats.

Sabina had been dating Theuri secretly until recently when their affair was exposed to the public.

They reportedly have a two-year-old child together.

Theuri was forced to distance herself from Sabina after their affair was exposed to protect his thriving church empire.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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