The son of former DCI boss GEORGE KINOTI falls victim to thugs as CCTV footage captures how they broke into his business premises and stole equipment worth Ksh 1 Million (VIDEO).

Wednesday, April 3, 2024 - The son of former DCI boss George Kinoti is counting losses after hooded thugs broke into his gaming lounge and made away with expensive gaming equipment.

Kinoti’s son, Anthony Mwenda, said the break-in occurred on the evening of Monday, April 1, when the thugs tricked the building's security guard.

“There are some people who came at around 6:00 am. They came in a black X-trail and parked along City Park along Biashara Street,” he said.

“One of them alighted the car, surveyed the building, and waited for the security officer to open the backdoor and the gang entered. 

"They executed the plan and thereafter tricked the security officer once again to allow them to load the gaming equipment into their car,” he added.

The thugs took advantage of Monday as a public holiday to execute their mission.

They stole 9 playing stations 5 consoles, 2 PS4 consoles, 20 joystick pads, and 35 games including Mortal Kombat and FIFA valued at Ksh 1 Million.

Mwenda is working closely with the authorities to analyze the CCTV footage as the investigation into the robbery incident continues.

Watch the footage.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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