The Kenyan Shilling has strengthened because of our prayers – RACHAEL RUTO says

Monday, April 15, 2024 - First Lady, Rachael Ruto, has heaped praises on the government's unwavering commitment to prayer, saying it has helped it revive the economy.

Speaking during the launch of the empowerment projects for women youth and people with disabilities in Kajiado, the First Lady said the government has resiliently overcome challenges through prayers.

She also referred to how prayers have contributed to the stabilization of the Kenyan shilling against the dollar.

"Wakati tulikua na kiangazi tulienda tukaomba Mungu akatupatia mvua, tumeona shlingi yetu ikipata nguvu, shilingi ilikua imeenda mpaka 130 ilikua inaelekea mpaka 165, siku moja ikarudi mpak ikafika 145, siku ingine ikafika 135, 130 na bado inarudi nyuma. Niwaulize kama si Mungu huyo ni nani?" she posed.

"When there was drought we went to God in prayer and he sent rain, we have seen the shilling strengthening against the dollar from 165 to 160, it kept reducing to 145, 135, 130 and it's still going down. Let me ask who has done that if not God?"

Rachel Ruto also asserted that Kenyans should be grateful for prayers as they shape the progress of a country.

"Yesterday I was telling some people that I have had the opportunity to travel to other countries in the world and other African countries. 

"When we have meetings, there are usually no prayers conducted. Let us never take it for granted that in a state function, we can have prayers. You may take it for granted but it is not usual," she added.

The First Lady further called on clerics to continue praying for the country to help stabilise its economy and maintain peace and unity.


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