South Africa accuses U.K of attempting to create panic with its "terrorist attack" warning in the country

Thursday, April 18, 2024
 – The South African government has reacted to the UK embassy in the country issuing a terrorism alert for any of its citizens who may be planning to travel to South Africa.

The alert, on its website, highlights the global threat of terrorism affecting UK interests and citizens, emphasising the potential for attacks by individuals inspired by terrorist groups like Daesh (ISIS). The embassy noted that the ongoing conflict in Occupied Palestine has resulted in increased tensions globally.

South Africa's International Relations Director-General Zane Dangor has since responded to the alert and said they will wait for the UK government to provide proof for its “unfounded” allegations. He added that he is surprised by the UK’s ‘strange’ assertions concerning the potential for a terrorist attack in South Africa.

Dangor also said the UK had failed to follow diplomatic channels to communicate concerns and has not provided proof for these “unfounded” allegations.

He said;

“We asked them where this credible threat came from, and they still have not given us a proper explanation. There is no evidence why we would be a target for a terror attack, and we are saying if you have credible information, give it to us, which they have not done.” 

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