See what General OGOLLA told KDF to do for his wife when he dies? This guy knew his time had come

Monday, April 22, 2024 – The late Chief of Defence Forces General Francis Ogolla might have had a premonition about his death, given the meticulous wishes he left before his death.

From being buried within 72 hours, to being buried in a sheet as opposed to a casket, General Ogolla knew his day was nearing and didn’t want to bother his family with many things once he was gone.

The late General left a host of wishes he would like to be fulfilled long after he is long gone.

This is after he had also asked the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) to treat his widow, Aileen Ogolla, to a holiday, with the choice of the destination remaining with her once he was dead.

This was revealed by the deceased's sister Peris Ochieng'.

Addressing mourners in Siaya, Peris divulged that her elder brother asked her to address the wish to KDF which he served for decades until his death.

"He told me that after he died, and after his burial, the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) gave my wife the money to go on a holiday. So, the ball is in the court of the soldiers," revealed Peris.

Besides the wish, she also shared that her fallen kin had shown her his preferred site to be buried.

"He took me to the gravesite and explained there was where he wanted to be buried," she added.


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