Reverend RUTH WAMUYU’s husband, BISHOP THEURI, secretly filmed in a nightclub surrounded by a bevy of beauties - He recently lost over Sh 500,000 to Kilimani ladies (Watch Video).

Sunday, April 14, 2024 - Reverend Ruth Wamuyu’s husband, Bishop Theuri Maina, is a drunkard and a notorious womanizer.

According to a source, the rogue man of God who runs a megachurch in Kikuyu town preaches water and drinks wine.

He was secretly filmed in a nightclub indulging in liquor while surrounded by a bevy of beauties.

He frequents the popular club mostly on weekends, where he parties all night long with ladies.

It is also emerging that he was recently attacked in the streets of Kilimani and robbed of more than Sh 500,000.

The robbery was planned by escorts based in Kilimani, where he frequents to satisfy his manly needs.

Recently in the streets of Kilimani, he was attacked and robbed of more than half a million Kenya shillings. 

"It was rumored that it was a plan by his Kilimani female escorts. 

"He now has some boys from his church that guard him and work like his security team, but he does not pay them despite the risk he puts them in. 

"In his church, if you don't worship him or don't have money, he doesn't recognize you, the source revealed.

Watch the video of Bishop Theuri in a night club busy indulging in liquor with some ladies.

The Kenyan DAILY POST. 

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