A lady came to church with a baby and confronted Reverend RUTH WAMUYU’s husband, BISHOP THEURI, for being a deadbeat dad - More details emerge as his rogue behaviours are badly exposed

Sunday, April 14, 2024 - Reverend Ruth Wamuyu’s husband, Bishop Theuri Maina, has been preying on his female congregants.

According to a source, he has impregnated several ladies in his church.

Last year, a lady came to his church with a baby, accusing him of being a deadbeat dad but she was denied entry.

It is also emerging Sabina Mutheu, the trending lady he was accused of impregnating was threatened to record a video and deny the allegations.

His wife Ruth Wamuyu has been contemplating divorce due to his cheating behaviours.

Here is an expose on the rogue preacher via Cyprian Nyakundi.

Expose this crook who is a bishop (of Victors Assembly Church Kikuyu) on Sundays and a fraud on weekdays.

His name is Theuri Maina, husband to renowned Kikuyu gospel artist and reverend at the same church, Ruth Wamuyu.

There was a recent expose of him where he impregnated a young lady from his church, but later they made her record a video denying those allegations; I'm sure she must have been threatened to do that.

The fact is he is well known to prey on young congregants in his church. Last year, a lady came to his church with a kid claiming that he was a deadbeat, but he had her prevented from entering the church.

 He later forced her to come confess in church that she was being used to tarnish his name. He has impregnated several, it's not just these two, but they end up being threatened whenever they try to speak out.

 He openly says during his sermons that he is untouchable and nothing can be done to him because he is well connected to the 'who's who' in the country, and truth to it, he has most of Kikuyu town politicians in his pockets and top UDA politicians as he played a pivotal role in their victories.

He was recently appointed the chairman of the Kenya National Library Service Board, among other appointments.

They don't live together with the wife, and they have been separated for a while, each leading a separate church branch.

They were last seen together in 2019, and the recent photos he's using in his posters are not really recent.

There were rumors that she has been seeking divorce, and it was to happen in March this year, but he has been doing all he can to prevent it from happening.

He is one of the crooks that hide behind Christianity. He has survived so many attempts of assassination, and it's well known in Kikuyu town.

Recently in the streets of Kilimani, he was attacked and robbed of more than half a million Kenya shillings.

It was rumored that it was a plan by his Kilimani female escorts.

He now has some boys from his church that guard him and work like his security team, but he does not pay them despite the risk he puts them in.

 In his church, if you don't worship him or don't have money, he doesn't recognize you.

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