Quiver Lounge deejay and hypeman found guilty in connection with the murder of the late Juja MP George Thuo - This is how they executed the murder at Club Porkies.

Friday, April 19, 2024 - Six suspects charged with the murder of former Juja Member of Parliament George Thuo in 2013 have been found guilty.

Paul Wainaina Boiyo, Christopher Lumbasio Andika, Andrew Karanja Wainaina, Samuel  Ngugi alias Dj Vizzy Vee, Esther Ndinda Mulinge, and Ruth Vanessa Irungu will now have to mitigate before the court sentences them.

Samuel Ngugi, better known as Dj Vizzy Vee (pictured), is a popular deejay and hypeman at Quiver Lounge.

Justice Roselyne Korir ruled on Friday that the prosecution has proved its case against the six persons.

“It’ is my findings that the prosecution has proved its case… each accused is convicted accordingly,” ruled the judge.

The court further cancelled their bail since they were all out on cash bail.

The court noted that Thuo died after his drink was spiked at Porkies Club in Thika.

The prosecution proved its argument that traces of pesticide was found in Thuo’s body thereby dismissing allegations that he was poisoned somewhere else.

The court further noted that the first, second, third, and fourth accused persons sat with the MP on the material date and that no evidence was given to the court to show that they left the table.

According to the judge, the four had the opportunity to tamper with the drink.

The court further dismissed the submissions by the sixth person who argued that she bought the MP a drink as a sign of friendship.

Vanessa Irungu had told the court that she went to Porkies looking for change of Ksh.1,000, saw the MP, hugged him, and bought him a drink.

The court, however, questioned her motive and wondered whether the hug was a Judas hug referring it to “kikulacho kinguoni mwako.”

“Was the hug of the sixth person the Judas kiss… evidence showed that she was a regular customer and she would be given the change even without buying a drink for the MP,” the court said.

Boiyo is the proprietor of Club Porkies in Thika where the MP was poisoned while Lumbasio was a friend of the late Thuo.

Ndinda is the waitress who allegedly served Thuo while Vanessa is the woman reveller who bought Thuo a beer before his death.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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