OMTATAH is a marked man as heavily armed goons raid his home and beat up his wife and in-law badly – Look! He messed with the wrong guys

Thursday, April 4, 2024 – Busia Senator Okiya Omtatah is now living in fear after unknown people raided and attacked people at his village home in Kwang’amor Village, Busia County. 

Confirming the incident that has left him badly shaken, Omtatah noted that he was not at home at the time, as he had travelled to Nairobi on Tuesday evening. 

“I was told at around 3:00 am by my brother, who I stay in the same compound with, that his wife was accosted by a group of men who demanded to know where I was,” Omtatah stated. 

“They beat her up, and kept pacing around the compound shouting they will kill her.”

The incident, which occurred in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, left the sister-in-law nursing major tissue injuries. 

She was subsequently rushed to a local mission hospital where she was treated and discharged. 

The doctors recommended a further check-up on Thursday. 

“They did not steal or damage anything in the compound, but the police are on the case to know what exactly happened,” Omtatah added. 

On March 22, the Activist survived yet another attack after a group of armed goons trailed his car while he was leaving the court premises in Busia. 

The Senator was forced to seek refuge at Busia Agricultural Training College (ATC) which is heavily guarded by Administration Police, after youths from the trailing vehicle started pelting stones at him. 

Police later arrived at the premises and escorted him home. Omtatah was working on a case against the county before the attack. 

"I was not injured, they only damaged the vehicle, Probox, which has a strong body. The vehicle emerged from the incident with minor dents. The stones did not hit the windows,” Omtatah noted at the time.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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