Ogopa DCI: How undercover detectives posed as car dealers and lured the suspects who robbed an Eastleigh businessman of Ksh 3.9 million when they were shopping for a car in Mombasa and abducted them

Friday, April 12, 2024
- The suspects linked to a violent robbery in Eastleigh where a Somali businessman was shot and robbed of Ksh 3.9 million were trailed by undercover detectives and abducted in Mombasa.

According to reports, the suspects, Fredrick Kopo alias Frik and Jaylan Kibe, travelled to Mombasa alongside a lady identified as Esther Wambui alias Bobo Shanty to buy a car, four days after the robbery incident.

While they were at one of the car yards shopping for a car, three men approached them and convinced them they had a better deal.

They allegedly followed the three men to a showroom and that was the last time they were seen alive.

It is now emerging that the three men were undercover detectives.

It remains unclear how the trio ended up dead in Nairobi County and how their bodies were collected from three different areas.

Kibe's and Esther's bodies were found around the Juja and Lari areas in Kiambu County.

Fredrick's body was recovered from an undisclosed place.

The bodies were transferred to Nairobi’s City mortuary. 

The autopsy reports conducted at the facility indicate that the three died by drowning, as large amounts of water were visible in the lungs. 

Kibe was buried at the Kariokor cemetery, following the Islamic culture that requires the deceased to be buried within 24 hours after their death. 


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