No more money for MPs as RUTO recommends cutting down on travels and the retreat budget for the legislators

Friday, April 26, 2024 – Members of Parliament will no longer be earning money through retreats.

This is after President William Ruto proposed that Parliament reduce its expenditure on travel budgets and the expenses entailed in facilitating meetings.

Addressing attendees during the inauguration of the Bunge Towers yesterday, Ruto asserted that Members of Parliament no longer necessitated additional resources for conducting meetings in hotels or other externally contracted venues.

Ruto further expounded that the newly inaugurated Towers were fully equipped with meeting rooms boasting ample capacity.

“There’s no more reason for extra resources to travel to hotels and places, now that we have all the facilities here, the meeting rooms, I hope I will see a significant drop Mr. Speaker in the budget of Parliament,” he stated.

Additionally, he urged the House Speaker, Moses Wetangula, to incorporate the budget reductions when formulating the upcoming budget.

He emphasized that the use of the 28-tower offices must be duly reflected in the House's expenditures, expressing confidence in Parliament's ability to deliver.


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