Newly nominated Kenya’s High Commissioner to India, PETER MUNYIRI, sends goons to demolish a school in Karen in a land row after reportedly bribing a judge with Ksh 20 Million.

Wednesday, April 17, 2024 - Former Family Bank CEO, Peter Munyiri, reportedly bribed a judge with Ksh 20 Million to rule in his favour in a case where he is involved in a land row with a proprietor of a school that has been in existence for over 24 years in Karen.

Munyiri was nominated by President Ruto as Kenya’s High Commissioner to India.

Read the expose via Cyprian Nyakundi.

Hi Nyakundi.

 There is a school being demolished in Karen that has been there for over 24 years.

The goons are arriving today and they have been sent by a neighbour to demolish the school.

Is there any way to raise awareness or assistance on the matter to prevent this?

The judge issued orders in favour of the plaintiff Peter Munyiri with information that he was bribed with Ksh. 20 million.

The claim is that the proprietor of the school has built it partially on a road.

So the plaintiff wants the school demolished so he can have another road to access a hotel he is building which is already serviced by another paved road.

Peter Munyiri is the former family bank CEO.

He was acquitted in 2022 after being accused of laundering Sh 791 M from NYS.

 He also unsuccessfully vied for the Nyeri county seat and apparently has been nominated as Kenya's High Commissioner to India.

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