Nairobi MCA says intern doctors should be paid Sh 300,000 - Doctors should earn more than useless MCAs

Saturday, April 27, 2024 - An outspoken Nairobi MCA has supported the ongoing medics strike, saying doctors should be paid more than elected politicians.

Currently, intern doctors are paid Sh 70,000 but they are demanding Sh 206,000 to call off the strike.

However, according to Kileleshwa Ward MCA, Robert Alai, doctors deserve to be paid Sh 300,000 monthly due to what they do for Kenyans.

Alai said it is a shame for the government to pay MCAs more than doctors yet medics have a lot of responsibilities in keeping the Kenyan population healthy.

The lawmaker further stated that it is a shame for the government to treat doctors, engineers, and scientists as ordinary professionals yet they are not.

“The intern doctors deserve more than a Ksh 300,000 monthly stipend. 

"The Ksh 206,000 request is kind. The problem is that we have people who don’t understand national priorities. How do you treat doctors worse than an MCA? 

"There is no way a doctor (intern or otherwise) should be earning less than elected politicians. 

"I find it insulting that our doctors, engineers, scientists, etc are treated like they are just ordinary professionals. 

"They aren’t,” Alai wrote on his Twitter page.


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