My father and President WILLIAM RUTO were good friends – General OGOLLA’s son JOEL RABUKU says and shames RAILA and his men

Monday, April 22,2024 - The late Chief of Defence Forces, General Francis Ogolla's son, Joel Rabuku, has said his father had a good relationship with President William Ruto.

Some leaders, especially from the Azimio One Kenya Alliance coalition, had been claiming that the relationship between the Head of state and the general was frosty.

But speaking during General Ogolla’s interment in Siaya county on Sunday, Rabuku termed the relationship between the two as cordial.

“People should stop that talk. These guys were friends at the State House,” he said.

He recalled how his father would tell him he had fruitful discussions with the President when they met.

“He would tell me he had a very good meeting with the boss, without telling the details and it was not just with the President alone, the Deputy President as well. 

"They formed a serious working relationship to secure the country. These people became like brothers,” he added.

Rabuku said the President appointed his father to the position because of his competency and experience.

“Very quickly, they formed a serious chemistry. I feel bad for them when I see the bad things people are saying on social media,” he added.

He further said the death of his father was a serious blow to the President and the Deputy President.

“When I saw you holding back tears, I knew it was genuine and not crocodile tears as some people were saying,” Rabuku stated.


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