MURKOMEN reveals his ruthless side as he humiliates a Kenyan jobseeker – See the VIDEO that will shame RUTO and his arrogant ‘sky team’

Wednesday, April 3, 2024 - Transport Cabinet Secretary, Kipchumba Murkomen, has been attacked by Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) for humiliating a job seeker while presiding over a function in his ministry.

The interaction between the CS and the job seeker was captured on video by an anonymous person who then leaked it on the internet.

While moving around what appears to be a lobby, shaking hands with the visitors, two gentlemen rose to shake Murkomen's hand, and one of them jumped on the opportunity to say he was on a job search.

"Habari zenyu?" Murkomen says, hastily moving around.

Two gentlemen then stood up with the taller one, dressed in a blue shirt, clasping his hands into those of the minister, appearing to make an impassioned but indecipherable plea.

Towards the end, one can hear him say, "Unitafutie kazi Mheshimiwa..."

The CS wastes no time in dismissing the individual - or even paying attention to his plight. Quickly, he shuts him down saying, "No, no... Hatupeani kazi hapa..."

Kenyans have attacked the CS over his arrogance, reminding him that when he was campaigning, he was saying all hustlers will be accommodated in President William Ruto’s government.

Here is the video of arrogant Murkomen humiliating a Kenyan job seeker.


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