MURKOMEN gives ELPHAS BUSISA, the jobless man he shamelessly dismissed, a job after he was condemned publicly

Saturday, April 6, 2024 - Transport Cabinet Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen finally came to his senses and gave Elphas Busisa, the jobless man he shamelessly dismissed a job.

Busisa went viral after Murkomen dismissed him during an impromptu visit to National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) offices.

The job seeker expressed gratitude to the CS for the job opportunity, explaining that he received a call from individuals within the Transport Ministry shortly after the chance meeting.

"The amazing thing is that he sent his people who informed me to come to his offices and I have been granted a job," he stated without disclosing the specific opportunity.

"I say thank you for this opportunity and may God bless him. I began looking for work in former President Daniel Moi's regime, Mwai Kibaki's, and Uhuru Kenyatta's tenure, and all were unsuccessful."

"I'm glad that through Murkomen, I've found a job in this government."

While narrating his journey, Busisa detailed that his family struggled to stay afloat following his dismissal from his previous job in 2020.

For the past three years, he would do menial jobs as he struggled to put food on his family's table.

He narrated that on April 3, 2024, he sought to utilise the chance of identifying Murkomen at NTSA offices.

"It's not been easy to get any job opportunities. I've been working since 1996 and it reached a point work would stop and I get another opportunity. In 2020, we were relieved of our duties and to date, my family and I have been struggling to make ends meet," Busisa highlighted.

"When we met with CS Murkomen, we didn't know each other but when I saw him, I was excited. He was following up on complaints about services at NTSA.

"I was also at NTSA to complain about my badge. Now when he asked me what my problem was, the first thing that came to mind was finding a job."


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