MIGUNA MIGUNA calls for a probe after JIRONGO reveals the dumping of nuclear waste in North Eastern by the MOI regime

Monday, April 8, 2024 - Controversial lawyer and barrister, Miguna Miguna, has called for an urgent probe after former Lugari Member of Parliament, Cyrus Jirongo, revealed that late former President Daniel Moi, allowed the dumping of nuclear waste in the country.

Jirongo, who hosts the Savage Politics segment on the Alfa House YouTube channel, disclosed this during an interview with renowned scholar, Prof. P.L.O. Lumumba

The former KANU stalwart revealed that Moi allowed the dumping of nuclear waste in the country.

"I worked with Jim Choge, a lawyer for the late Nicholas Biwott. He came to my office and gave me documents detailing where toxic waste was being dumped in the country. 

"In my stupidity, I took those documents and confronted President Daniel Moi," Jirongo narrated.

Following Jirongo’s damning revelations, Miguna has asked the government to investigate the claims and give Kenyans answers.

“Any genuinely independent, sovereign, and self-respecting country and people wouldn’t ignore, conceal or distract from this. We unequivocally DEMAND answers and a comprehensive investigation. No Ifs or Buts,” Miguna wrote on X.


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