LADY recounts how her friendship of seven years ended after she loaned her friend money meant for her house rent and he refused to return it

Friday, April 19, 2024 – A lady has recounted how her friendship of over seven years ended after she loaned money that she saved for her house rent to her friend.

According to the X user, her friend reached out to her last year appealing for money to boost his proof of funds as he was applying for a UK visa.

The lady said that she had no money at the time except for her house rent which she gladly gave to him hoping he would return it as soon as possible.

However, she got the shock of her life as he refused to refund her money.

She said she has used all channels to get back her money from him but they have all failed. She said he relocated to the UK without informing her and has even blocked her on WhatsApp.

She threatened to call him out soon and even sent messages to his employees abroad.

Read her story below 

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