KIMANI NGUNJIRI now exposes the rot in RUTO’s UDA ahead of grassroots election after defecting as he contemplates joining RAILA’s ODM – Look!

Thursday, April 4, 2024 - Former Bahati Member of Parliament, Kimani Ngunjiri, has poured the dark secrets within President William Ruto’s UDA, revealing the rot in the president’s party.

Speaking during an interview, Ngunjiri, who has since dumped UDA, revealed that the ruling party is rotten to the core.

Ngunjiri accused the party of shortchanging party loyalists who played a key role in ensuring that Ruto ascended to the presidency in the 2022 general elections in State and party appointments.

“I want to say in this media and everybody in Kenya to hear me, I am not in UDA. I will never wear yellow,” the former MP noted.

“Somebody like me, they were giving people positions, where am I? I was almost dying fighting for UDA.”

He further accused UDA of bias, claiming the party dismissed his quest for UDA leadership and instead granted the role to an individual from another party.

As a result, he noted that the UDA Party doesn’t deserve him, and might even choose to join Raila Odinga’s ODM where he will be respected and given what he rightfully deserves.

“I have been with Moi and Kibaki, I know the structure of elections I know how leaders should put people together. 

"I know how you should get your light on nominations, it did not work,” the former legislator noted. 

“Let me tell you like in Nakuru, they did something where 7 family members were given nominations yet my people got nothing,” he added.


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