KATE ACTRESS reportedly using her rich boyfriend’s personal driver to spy on him - Close friends spill the beans! Fear women.

Tuesday, April 30, 2024 - Controversial actress Catherine Kamau, better known as Kate actress, appears to have put a tight leash on her new boyfriend Michael Mwangi after convincing him to hire a driver to take him to and from work.

Mwangi, who is the General Manager at Tribe Hotel, can drive himself and has been doing so since returning from the United States a few years ago where he was a chef.

However, Kate’s recently convinced him to get a personal driver.

Kate's action has caught Mwangi’s circle of friends within the Gigiri area by surprise after he disclosed to them that it was not his intention to get a driver but the idea was forced on him by his girlfriend.

There are whispers that the driver has been planted there to monitor Mwangi who apart from being a manager in one of the best hotels in the country also comes from a very wealthy family.

Apparently, Mwangi has even told his friends that he feels suffocated and he can no longer hang out with them as frequently as they used to as he fears that the driver will tell Kate what they are up to.

“She is so afraid that her new man will cheat on her that she has hired someone to monitor him,” a source revealed.

Kate started dating Mwangi secretly when she was still married to fellow thespian Philip Karanja alias Director Phil.

Kate and Phil publicly announced their breakup after five years of marriage in September last year.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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