Journalist JOHN ALLAN NAMU now reveals how powerful cartels in RUTO’s government tried to stop the fake fertilizer expose from being aired on TV

Thursday, April 4, 2024 - Investigative journalist John-Allan Namu has revealed how powerful cartels in President William Ruto’s government, among them well-known politicians, attempted to block the expose of fake fertilizers from being aired on TV.

Speaking before the Senate Agriculture Committee on Tuesday, Namu revealed that some politicians from Parliament approached them before the story was aired.

He indicated that the unnamed politicians had the intention of ensuring that the investigative piece, which was titled FertileDeception, did not air on TV.

According to Namu, the politicians would likely have an interest in the investigations and join the Senate Committee in investigating the matter.

Nonetheless, he affirmed that the team from Africa Uncensored did not give in to the demands given that the leaders did not have the interest of Kenyans at heart.

"There are politicians who reached out to us to kill the story before it run. These politicians sit amongst you. They debate with you. They will likely be investigating along with you.

"But from where I sit, they do not have the honest and right intentions of the public at heart," he stated.

Namu made the revelation during the ongoing investigations of the fertilizer scandal. As reported by a section of farmers across the country, the fertilizers being distributed may have been mixed with stones.

It is suspected that unscrupulous businessmen took advantage of the government subsidy programme to make profits at the expense of the food security of the country.

Meanwhile, a section of government officials have disputed the fake fertilizer allegations, terming them as propaganda aimed at derailing President William Ruto's agenda in agriculture.


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