It is RUTO who authorised the construction of high-rise buildings in Nairobi – SAKAJA reveals

Wednesday, April 17, 2024 - Nairobi County Governor, Johnson Sakaja, has said it is President William Ruto who authorised the construction of high-rise buildings in Nairobi County.

Speaking on Citizen TV on Tuesday evening, Governor Sakaja said he spoke with President Ruto on the expansion of Nairobi in terms of the height of various buildings.

He said they had the talk after the county boss pointed out that the Eastleigh area was "choked up" and had traffic delays, due to height restrictions occasioned by the presence of Moi military airbase.

"The reason we have that airbase was to evacuate VVIPs or the President in case of an emergency. I had told him if he tried to use that route, he would get stuck because the place is chocked,"

Sakaja said it was then that he asked Ruto to review the restrictions and engaged experts on the matter.

"He actually thought about it and he engaged his urban experts and they lifted the restrictions there," Sakaja added. 

It was after the move that Sakaja started looking into the other areas of the city, which he says have the ability to expand.

Governor Sakaja, however, dismissed claims that he plans to expand the city "as high as you want", noting that there are procedures through which one can get approval.

"There is an urban planning technical committee," he said.

The height restrictions are yet to be removed and the proposal, Sakaja said, is in the County Assembly.


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