I was 6 months pregnant when he threw a vanity table at me because of his babe, the house help – LADY shares her story of domestic violence

Tuesday, April 24, 2024 – A woman called Nneka Obani, who survived domestic violence, has shared her story and advised women to walk away from abusive partners.

Taking to Facebook on Tuesday, April 22, 2024, she shared photos of a broken vanity table her ex-husband allegedly threw at her when she was six months pregnant.

According to her, he allegedly resorted to violence because she told their house help, his ‘babe’ to leave for stealing from her.

“Flee from domestic violence, not everyone is strong enough to survive it. If you don't die directly from the physical abuse, you may end up dying from the HBP that the marriage served you,” she wrote.

"Google memories just brought this up, yours truly was six months pregnant here, when they pushed this vanity table at her, the mirror ended up scattering into pieces and gave her some serious injury. Why did he do this, because his babe the househelp was told to leave the house for stealing from her madam.

"Tomorrow a lunatic will post that 95 percent of women were caught cheating, that's why they were kicked out of their marriages but they all come online to claim that they were abused. And I see men shouting preach! Preach!!! Then women who should know better will be in the comment section saying gbam.

“If you gbam to things like that, may your daughters experience the exact same thing in their marriages. Whether you gbam secretly or openly, may they experience abuse and see how sweet it is.” 

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