I have a bachelor's degree, master’s degree and currently getting my doctorate - American lady reels out her achievements after a man called her 'useless'

Tuesday, April 2, 2024
 – An American lady, Alexis Arielle has reeled out her achievement after a man said she is encouraging other girls to be useless like her.

It all started on Monday, April 1, after Alexis celebrated one year anniversary with her man, who pays all her bills.

“I damn near haven’t pumped my own gas, paid bills, taken the trash out, booked my own trips, paid for my hair, etc in a year. My man my man my man,” she wrote in the anniversary post.

Commenting on the post, the man said Alexis is encouraging other girls to be useless like her.

Alexis fired back at him, saying that she has two degrees, ran a 6 figure business for years, has her own money and that her man provides for her because he can afford to do so.

“I have a bachelor's degree, a masters degree, and currently getting my doctorate. I have my own money and career. I ran a 6 figure business for years. My man provides because he can, not because he has too. Don’t project your situation onto mine!”

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