"I don't have to explain my life" 55-year-old woman says as she announces she is pregnant with her 24-year-old husband's baby

Thursday, April 11, 2024
 – An actress is expecting a baby with her husband who is 31 years younger.

Alina Lozano, 55, married influencer Jim Velásquez, 24, in November 2023. Five months after their wedding, she has now announced that she is pregnant.

Their wedding sparked a huge debate at the time, mainly due to their extreme age gap. However, Alina insisted their relationship wasn't based on a financial benefit to the 24-year-old.

“I have a relationship with Jim because he is a self-sufficient man, because I am not the sugar mommy, I do not support Jim, he first came with this model of work in the networks and already earning his money, he also works as a professional actor; so we make a team chévere and a beautiful team in life and in love,” Alina said.

When announcing their engagement, Jim spoke of growing up watching Alina on TV and having a crush on her.

He said : “Alina, I grew up watching you, when I was one year old, my mum called me Pedro el Escamoso and from that moment I knew that you were the woman of my life, then I already verified it and that’s why I want you to accompany me for the rest of my days.''

Now, the couple have stunned fans by announcing their family news.

“Friends, conceiving naturally is difficult, but science has advanced a lot and we want to do this for women of all ages who have an issue falling pregnant or when they pass 50,” said Alina, who lives with her husband in Colombia.

“Assisted reproduction, friends.

“You have to find an egg donor and go through the entire process, which is very long.

“You also need to save a little money but it’s possible.

“Follow my progress, which I hope will be successful.”

The couple used a fertility clinic to help them conceive, costing over £20,000 so far.

Alina said: “We have been asked how much the treatment is by a lot of people, the assisted reproduction process and the fertility clinic costs.

“We are not going to tell you out of prudence, but I do suggest you save up and be patient because you are going to need both money and patience.”

At that point, Jim jumps in and interrupts her: “It was COP 100m (£20,918).

“It’s big money but it was worth it because you can see our little miracle is coming.”

Born in Colombia in 1969, Alina is an actress and screenwriter who was married to Cuban actor Mijail Mulkay from 2005-2008. She first appeared in various Colombian soap operas in 1991 before going on to star in popular shows such as ‘El Señor de los Cielos’ (‘Lord of the Skies’) and ‘La Reina del Sur’ (‘Queen of the South’).

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