Here is the glaring blunder that KDF officers made after CDF FRANCIS OGOLLA’s chopper crashed – Look! The first responders could have saved them

Saturday, April 20, 2024 - The first responder to the tragic plane crash that killed the Chief of Defence Forces General Francis Ogolla has revealed details of the helicopter's last seconds before it crashed to the ground.

Speaking to the press, the rescuer insinuated that they may have saved the victims had the KDF officers not interfered with the rescue operations.

He noted the chopper first arrived at its final destination at around 10 am where it landed at a nearby school.

According to the witness, Ogolla’s chopper arrived in the area at around 10 am and took off at around 2.16 pm.

However, while attempting to take off, the helicopter developed a technical hitch on its propellers. It could be seen circulating above the forest signifying that the pilot could have been attempting to land.

"When I looked at it, the propeller was not rotating. Some of the people directed the pilot to land on a nearby ground," the responder narrated.

The helicopter in the process of attempting to land, crashed. Attempts to rush and save the occupants further hit a wall as the chopper burst into flames moments after the crash.

"While attempting to save the lives of the occupants, the chopper burst into flames but we struggled and managed to evacuate all the occupants and placed their bodies on the ground," the rescuer noted.

According to the saviour, during the rescue operations, two of the officers shouted for help, and in the process, one of them attempted to stand but was overwhelmed by the pain.

"During the rescue process, the military officials quickly arrived at the scene and told us to leave. We are the people who struggled with the incident," the responder further narrated.

According to reports, the accident scene has since been cordoned and no ordinary person is allowed close to the scene until the investigations are complete.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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  1. These two vampires imbecile fraudsters missed because they are the main cold blooded killers.

    All these helicopters and military wares were bought by Uhuru regime under his docket. They purchased substandard helicopters and looted the whole moneys to themselves, CS, Formers KDF bosses with their accountants - which explains their sudden wealth moneys for working as civil servants with a know wealth.

    These fraudsters bought these un-worth flying helicopters for both the army and the police: that's why they been falling down and you can imagine they are Amigo helicopter which are not worth to buy but late Kibaki and the mungiki Uhuru with his thugs bought these useless helicopters that have been killing Kenyans and now blaming at the useless table banking kipsigi-come-nandi ruto for downing the helicopter in their mission of assassinating KDF General Ogolla.

    The only safe helicopter is the one the president used and the presidential jet bought by late Moi. The rest are not worth flying in - they are meant for state assassination and the blame is squarely pointed to the cold blooded presidents who bought these useless toys.

    Their blood is crying before GOD and soon we shall see effects happening on those who bought these useless helicopters use to assassinate innocent citizens of kenya going by the daily call of duty and services.

    These looters who bought these helicopters should face GOD's justice immediately: which explains it used Uganda place and private helicopter/plane to fly around cos they know they bought useless machine for the republic of kenya and not insured as is their code of practice.

    General Ogolla pole sana na MUNGU akupiganie na hao wengine walio fariki and kuumia.