Haiti here we come! RUTO signals the looming deployment of Kenyan police officers to Haiti even after he was warned not to dare

Monday, April 15, 2024 - President William Ruto has announced the formal establishment of Haiti's nine-member Presidential Transitional Council which will pave the way for the deployment of the Kenyan police officers to the Caribbean nation.

According to Ruto, the decision was evidence of the collective courage and singular sacrifice of the Haitian Council of Cabinet to ensure that Haiti was a violent-free state.

"We look forward to the PTC moving with speed to appoint the Prime Minister and Cabinet," the head of state noted in his statement.

Ruto further lauded the leadership of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) for its steadfast stewardship of the intense consultations that led to the establishment of a transitional council.

"Kenya expresses confidence that the new political leadership will lay a strong foundation for resolution of the crisis in Haiti, restoration of security, afford the Haitian people a political transition," Ruto stated.

The head of state noted that Kenya was in strong solidarity with Haiti and that it was ready to make its contribution within the framework elaborated in the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2699 of 2023.

Besides Ruto's acknowledgment, sources privy to the information noted the official notice did not name the new council members.

Reports further suggest that there was no announcement on the specific time frame for installing the council and replacing Prime Minister Ariel Henry.


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