GACHAGUA loses it as he scolds RAILA’s MCAs for refusing to attend a meeting in his house – You won’t believe what he told them

Thursday, April 25, 2024 - Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has reprimanded Nairobi Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) allied to Raila Odinga’s Azimio for refusing to attend his meeting.

Speaking during the event, Gachagua said that the Azimio MCAs declined to attend the meeting for the Nairobi Rivers Commission engagement at the official residence in Karen and requested it be held at a neutral venue.

The visibly agitated Gachagua noted that his office is tasked with coordinating intergovernmental delegations and hence such meetings should be done at his residence.

“We invited everybody and I am very grateful to those who have been able to come some have given apologies but I was told a section of the county assembly from one side of the coalition said they needed a neutral venue.”

“For the purposes of being very explicit, the Office of the Deputy President has the role of coordinating intergovernmental delegations so when we invite you here this is your office because intergovernmental delegations are done from here,” Gachagua stated.

The DP noted that even governors from the opposition coalition attend meetings at his residence and discuss key issues on emergence coordination and the division of revenue.

“I think the Azimio section is a bit misguided that they could be a neutral venue to discuss anything to do with inter-governmental relations. 

"It will aways be discussed here and they are always welcome because if they don’t decisions would be made that affect their people what will they tell the people,” Gachagua stated.

Further, DP Gachagua appealed to the Azimio politicians to put politics aside and focus on service delivery to the electorate.

He pointed out that he would have been happy if the MCAs attended the Nairobi Rivers Commission engagement meeting and shared their views.


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